Amherst Fire Inspectors

The primary purpose of the Fire Safety Division of the Building Department is to:

  • Perform field inspections of all buildings that are occupied by the general public, multiple dwellings, public schools, group care facilities, industrial and storage complexes.
  • Investigate fire related complaints.
  • Investigate fire cause and origin in association with local fire chiefs.
  • Provide consultation to youth to prevent and diminish arson incidents.
  • Administer the avoidable false alarm ordinance.
  • Public Assembly
    We provide the Certification of Occupant Capacity for all buildings that have areas of public assembly (over 50 occupants) and we conduct the annual fire safety inspections required by New York State.
  • Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers and Private Schools
    We conduct fire safety inspections
  • Industrial and Storage Occupancies
    We conduct periodic fire safety inspections of all industrial occupancies with priority on high hazard uses.
  • Multiple Residences
    We conduct periodic fire safety inspections of existing multiple residences to ensure compliance with both the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the NYS Multiple Residence Law.
  • Other Non-residential Occupancies
    We conduct periodic fire safety inspections of all other non-residential properties that include stores, offices, gasoline service stations, etc.
  • Fire Prevention Permits
    We issue Fire Prevention Permits as required to tie into Chapter 83 of Town Code Part V, 83-5-3.

Regular Programs

  • Site Plan reviews.
  • Fire protection equipment plan reviews.
  • Inspections for Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Inspections of damaged and/or vacant buildings.

Public Relations

  • We prepare and present programs to schools, service clubs, employee groups and building officials.
  • We meet with architects and engineers with regard to code questions.
  • We provide fire safety related material.

Investigation of Complaints

  • We conduct fire safety inspections and prosecute all fire safety violations.

Volunteer Fire Companies

  • We serve as a liaison between the various fire companies and town departments.

Investigation of Fire Causes

  • We assist the Fire Chiefs with cause and origin determination of fires.

Juvenile Fire Setter Program

  • We provide consultation to parents and youths to prevent and diminish fire play accidents.

    Juvenile Fire Setter & Fire Complaints
    Weekdays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (631.7142)
    Nights and Weekends (689.1212)

Avoidable Alarms

  • We administer the False Alarm Ordinance.



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