Amherst Emergency Service

The Department of Emergency Services & Safety allows you to research information about actions that you can take to better prepare yourself, your family, property, and your business in the event of a disaster or emergency situation.

The potential for a disaster to occur in the Town of Amherst is as ever present as it is within any community. The departments and employees of the Town of Amherst provide a vital and professional response to emergencies that occur in our Town. Their primary objective is to protect the lives and property of the people within the Town of Amherst.

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Disruption of services, loss of life and extensive property damage can occur within our community. Emergency conditions could result from, or be a combination of, any natural or technological hazards.

If emergency conditions exist or are imminent, and cannot be handled by the resources of these departments, the Town of Amherst has the obligation, and the ultimate responsibility, to protect the people of our Town. We also have the obligation and responsibility to help the people of our Town recover from the emergency, along with restoring services within the Town of Amherst.

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